About Us

The history of Mom Moms Shop.

Mom Mom’s Shop was born out of the love for my mother who was a passionate and talented quilter.

For years she nudged me to try quilting but I had no desire. My children were at an age where we were constantly busy and I felt there was no way I could take on anything else, let along quilting.

She persisted on though and her persistence paid off after she gave it one last “just try it for me. I know you will love it.” I begrudgingly accepted and even told her I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it, basically to just put the whole thing to rest. She boxed up a simple pattern, the necessary fabric for the pattern and other essentials. As I got busy blindly stumbling through instructions cutting and sewing, my heart was changing as I progressed. As I completed her challenge…I was hooked! From that point on, now almost 20 years later, I can’t get enough.

Sadly, my mother passed away in 2010 after a battle with ovarian cancer. I am forever indebted to her for not only being such an amazing mother but also for her knowing me better than I knew myself, in that I would love and enjoy something such as quilting, as much as I do to this day.