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Fun Felt Foods

Fun Felt Foods   Handmade fabric foods, cookies, cinnamon buns, carrots, bananas and more. Great decorating ideas, fun for kids or a cool give away.
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Homemade Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are created with love from articles of clothing from a loved one who has passed on. What better way to comfort yourself than to wrap yourself in a quilt that brings back wonderful memor
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Fabric Letters

Fabric Letters Whether you are looking to spell a name or want to teach entire alphabet, these fabric letters are great.  Handmade with magnets sewed inside. Great gift for kids. Complete Set of 26 l
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Personalized Quilts

  Personalized Name Quilts: Personalize any quilt with your name or the name of someone else. Each name is added to the top of the quilt with paper pieced letters. Call For Price. 904-386-4377
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Call 904-386-4377 for pricing, prices vary due to size and customization.

Baby Bandana Bibs

Bandana Bibs: Stylish bibs that can be coordinated with any of your baby’s outfits. Perfect for those little ones that drool or dribble. 3 For $25.00    

Baby Burp Cloths

Burp Cloths: 100% cotton or flannel inlays added to take the ordinary and boring out of a plain burp cloth. Come in a variety of patterns and colors. Buy 3 for $20

Homemade Baby Quilts

Baby Quilts: Baby quilts available in numerous patterns with the colors of your choice.    
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